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We must be in de-Nile.

June 27th, 2011

Yes please! At around one today we arrived in Jinja, the commercial source of the Nile river.

 We left Kampala this morning after breakfast with the brothers from the Kampala church and then on our way here we got drenched in rain.

 We decided not to put on our rain suits and get our jackets cleaned a bit so yes we got properly soaked! Despite all that we are at a stunning place called Nile River Explorers overlooking the river. After my last post lots happened. We left the hotel in Gasenyi(lake Kivu) rather late and then set of to the Virunga mountains wanting to chance our luck with the Gorillas. The roads we took was some of the most rocky I have ever seen. We traveled very slow and road to the point where you start trekking into the volcanic mountains and was told by the armed guards that we need to pay $500 to enter.(Photo above) No not for us and so after being surrounded by kids again we left. The area is incredible, the soil very fertile and like Duan says even planted broomsticks will yield a crop. One thing that I realized is that this country(Rwanda) is extremely overcrowded. It started feeling claustrophobic, even if you stop for 1 min a crowd surrounds and they are just captivated by the bikes, they look with great envy at the “powerful machines” that every body believes can go faster than everything on earth. People remain friendly and always wave when you pass them by. After the rocks we reached the Uganda border late again. The border crossing went quick and the only payment for road tax was 47500 Ugandan Shillings. This country is beautiful! Again very fertile soils and they use it all! The mountains are planted from top to bottom with different crops which looks like a ”lappies kombers”. From the border we where riding one constant mountain pass, at one stage through a full on rain forest and the after a couple of photos at the equator we started hitting the Sunday evening Kampala traffic. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. You would be riding up a hill around a corner and look to your right to see someone coming past Ont the blind rise, this would happen all the time. We also started driving like the people around us just trying to stay alive and thank the Lord we did. The night we spent with Peter a brother in churches house. The riding is taking its toll and sleeping is not a problem, John I think a trip like this will sort your sleeping disorder out once!

Some of the mountain kids.

with the brothers in Kampala

Photo of us at the equator.

The real Bulls

Volcanic mountain in Valconos National park. Home of the mountain Gorillar

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3 big Chiefs 2 single beds.

June 25th, 2011

So yesterday morning we went to the genocide(Race-killing) memorial in Kigale. It was a unreal experience. I find it so hard to belief that the friendly people we have encountered in Rwanda could have been such monsters to hack each other to death with Macheties.

Mass graves. About 280 000 people lie here.

Some photos of victims

After this we had lunch at Johnson and Norah’s house, they hosted us for the night. Something we have been eating here in Rwanda and Burundi is cooked green bananas, it tastes like potatoes.

We left Kigali late again aiming for lake Kivu. The first 110 was the same windy tar road we came with, the road was busy and it took some time.

 We then took a incredible dirt road for 90 km winding through the mountains the road is rocky and challenging and to make things more interesting it was raining most of the time.

 The last 30km’s was in the dark and by now it has become a matter of endurance. We finally arrived in Gisenyi at past 8 and looked for a place to stay, we ended up at the Gorillas Hotel. We just didn’t have the energy to look for anything else and after waiting about 2h30 for our food we booked our 1 room for $140. We used the 2 single beds to the max pushing them together and sleeping sideways, we where so tired it really didn’t matter. As I type this it is raining again as we wait for our free breakfast to arrive, Riaan asked for everything that is free…

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